Mark Williams Ardington

I have over fifteen years experience animating and rigging characters for television and film. Most recently I’ve been working in a dual role as Technical Director & Animation Director at Picture Production Company. As well as my artistic and all-round technical skills, my main strengths are:

  • Foresight. I think problems through thoroughly and avoid potential pitfalls. I always design a project to be flexible enough to cope with the inevitable client changes.
  • Pipeline. I understand the demands of each stage of CGI production, how to design an appropriate, efficient pipeline for each job, and the shortcuts that can be taken.
  • Leadership. I can get a team working together and keep them motivated. I have excellent communication and organisational skills, am able to delegate, and have the ability to teach others.


2009 +
  Picture Production Company, London
Animation Director / TD
  The Hive - 78 x 7mins TV series
    Pinky & Perky Licensing Awards Show - promo  
2008 - 09
  Hibbert Ralph Animation, London
CGI Director
  Fairy 'Fountains' - advert
    Always 'Parasol' - advert  
  Picture Production Company, London
Animation Director
  The Hive: 'Busy as a Bee' - TV series pilot
2006 - 08
  Rushes, London
Animation Director / TD / VFX Supervisor
  Ceres: I Know Kung Fu - advert
  Human Body: Pushing the Limits - TV series
  Stardust - feature film
2005 - 06
  Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment, London
  The Secret Show - TV series
2003 - 05
  Aardman Animations, Bristol
Senior Animator / TD
  BBC Freeview - adverts
  Robinsons For Milk - advert
    BBC Big Read Bookworms - stings  
    May Company - adverts  
    Power Pritt - adverts  
    Johnnie Walker 'Paintings'- advert  
Spr 2004
  Rushes, London
Animator / TD
  Around the World in 80 Days - feature film
Aut 2002
  Passion Pictures, London
Animator / TD / Compositor
  Inland Revenue: Family Tax Credits - adverts
Aut 2001
  Tiny Creatures, Brasov, Romania (through Slave Studios)
Head of Animation
  Spheriks: Episode 7 and Gameplay sections - TV series
2000 - 02
  Slave Studios, London
Animation Team Leader / TD
  Free Jimmy - feature film
  Tractor Tom- TV series
  Toon Disney: Bigger Friday/Brushhead - stings
  Helter Skelter - pilot
  Spheriks - 26 x 30mins TV series
Aut 2000
  Cinesite (Europe) Ltd, London
Animator / VFX Artist
  Monkey King - TV special
97 - 2000
  The Hive / AMGFX, London
Senior Animator/TD
  Discovery Kids: Reface 04 - stings
  Cartoon Network: Heinz Spaghetti - promo
  AOL: Time's Up - advert
  Swisscom Frogs - advert
  TFI Friday: animated sketch - pilot
  Cartoon Network: Reface '99 - stings
  Nancherrow - TV special
  Ducktape - advert
  Fairy King of Ar - feature film
  Billie Piper: Because We Want To - pop promo
1993 - 94
  White Swan Inn, Harringworth, Northants
Assistant Chef

Software Experience





After Effects

    Mel, C / C++ Shake Illustrator Lightwave
    Cel Action Boujou Redboard Mental Ray / Renderman


1994 - 97


1st Class Degree: BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation
    Bournemouth University
1992 - 94
  A' Levels: Art & Design - A, Mathematics - A, Physics - C
    Brooke Weston CTC, Northamptonshire



Comedy & Story for Animation
    Film & Photography
    Gigs & Events